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5 Ranking Factors, and Backlink Strategies That Real Estate Professionals Ignore

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March 15, 2017
5 Ranking Factors, and Backlink Strategies That Real Estate Professionals Ignore

It is important to use SEO in the real estate world. Using the right combination of keywords and content strategy are vital for real estate professionals looking to increase web traffic, acquire more leads, and convert that web traffic into clients. Real estate SEO will help all real estate professionals with their businesses and will attract the right people to your website. It will help elicit a positive response from the target audience and gain their trust.

At Authority Solutions we will help you with all of this, we have many tips and strategies for marketing and building your search engine presence and we are the authoritative leader in real estate SEO. Our proven SEO strategies will help any real estate professional become an authority in their marketplace. SEO is an investment, it saves time, and will help you stand out from your competition. At Authority Solutions we help to inform the public about the importance of SEO and offer advice on some ranking factors and back link strategies that will improve your company’s organic page ranking so you can be on the front page of any relevant search engine query.

Links, the Ignored Page Rank Factor

Many factors go into the algorithms that determine page rankings. Page titles, quality content, and proper use of headers are some of the important basics. Yet there is another one that is easily overlooked: the link. Top experts in the search industry believe that links are one of the main strategies to achieving higher search engine optimization rankings. A link is, simply put, a connection to your site from another website. To build your brand and web presence, it is important that authoritative sites on the web are linking to your real estate website. The importance of linking is that you appear to be an expert in the field of real estate. These links establish your authority and are an important strategy in building and increasing your SEO presence. You want other sites to link to yours as they trust and value your expertise in the real estate industry. Links also increase traffic flowing into your website. You can have some amazing content, but it is useless unless eyeballs are reading it. If quality sites link to your site, your site will have a significant increase in traffic, affirming you as the local expert in real estate that potential clients should trust and seek out. Links will also demonstrate the value of the content you produce. The art of earning links is to produce high quality content. We at Authority Solutions recognize this and will help any client become the knowledgeable solution in real estate. We will help create linkable content that will ensure that you become the real estate professional that you desire. With our tips and authoritative content, building and marketing your real estate site to make you the lead real estate agent will increase your SEO page ranking and will make you successful in this internet and social media age.

What are some Link Building Strategies?

Become locally involved. In order to be viewed as a local expert you need to be known and trusted within your community. All realtors need to improve their brand. This will save valuable time and is an excellent investment that will immeasurably aid search engine optimization. Find local opportunities to help. Sponsor a school sports team, adopt a road, donate to a charity- there are many ways to create partnerships within any real estate market, regardless if it is Houston, Miami, New York, or Seattle. Search engine optimization opportunities arise as stories will be written and your website will naturally be referenced in digital media, earning an organic link from a good story. At Authority Solutions we understand the importance of being involved in communities and how that positively affects a real estate professional’s link building repertoire.

Build a Guide

A great strategy to create a link is to build an in-depth guide on how to do something. Marketing your expertise is content that will organically be shared and will help demonstrate your real estate expertise. For example, a how to guide on the ins and outs of buying or selling a house or the distinctions and differences between condos and single family homes. As a professional realtor you have expertise that the average person does not, so become an influencer and create a guide that will benefit others and be a great tool for link building and optimizing your website’s organic search rankings.

Outreach to Blogs

Everyone loves lists. Consequently blogs in your industry frequently, if not routinely, build ordered lists of top 10 best media/marketing/real estate agents. Such spotlight-type articles are thorough reviews of the subject and being marketed in such a list is an opportune way to demonstrate to readers of that media of how great of a real estate agent you are. Offer to contribute to link to their blog and they are likely to favorably link you to their readers in the near future, providing many a high quality link

Guest/Expert Content

There are many people involved in writing about real estate and a great marketing strategy in building sites that appears at the top of a search engine like Google is to find them and offer to contribute to their websites. By contributing your real estate strategies to that of an industry influencer you become influential and this will earn your website a great link! Guest blogging is still relevant for seo and social media. A great strategy to earn a high-quality link is to request a spot as a guest blogger on a relevant blog or website. Caution is needed here, only contribute to a site that requires acknowledged experts in a subject contribute, aka not just anyone can guest blog. Providing superior content is an excellent strategy for improving SEO for any website.

Build a Useful Tool

A great strategy to improve link sharing is to embed a useful tool in your content. For real estate professionals; building a tool that gives the user a ballpark idea on the price of property or how much their house is worth is a valuable solution that readers will find to be very useful. Links will be created to let others use your useful widget and this will be invaluable in earning your website links. Having a usable tool will greatly establish credibility and is a great strategy to improve your SEO presence.

Create Amazing Content

As a real estate agent, creating amazing and authoritative content is a great strategy and is huge in earning a link to your site. Brainstorm questions that are often asked to real estate agents. Anticipate these questions and write an FAQ, a great strategy for earning links. Suggest common mistakes clients can make, say in the appraisal process, or write a short list on how to not sell your house. Such high quality content portrays you as knowledgeable in the real estate industry and position you as an influencer.

At Authority Solutions we specialize in real estate SEO and will help brand you as a leader in your real estate market. Do not believe the myths, SEO is not easy and there are no easy shortcuts. Our expertise will help increase your brand and increase your page ranking. We offer customizable solutions tailored to every client’s unique solution. Improving your Google rankings takes commitment. Doing SEO wrong can result in your real estate website being banned and blacklisted. Trust our internet marketing strategies as we help your digital presence in this age of search engine optimization.