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7 Reasons Why SEO Helps Branding Yourself Online

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Branding yourself online isn’t as easy as it may seem. You can come up with the best ideas, but it doesn’t guarantee anything. Chances are people are going to click on the first link they see and ignore the rest. Optimizing your website is more intricate than how it appears on the surface.

1. It’s an investment. Money spent on SEO doesn’t go down the drain. Making your website visible helps it attract new clients, so you can grow your business. Because the concept of optimization is alien to many, they play it “safe” by avoiding it altogether. What they fail to realize is they’re only hurting themselves by being stagnant. If you don’t catch up in the internet age, you fall behind your competition. While a marketing strategy is still essential, it’s not enough to cut it. Most people simply don’t click past the first page of search results.

2. It saves time. Time is a limited resource. If you spend countless hours reaching out to people, you forgo other things about your business. With the right keywords, your customers come to you instead of the other way around. Best of all they’re already interested in services like yours. How much work do you put into advertising? Yes you can try giving a fresh twist, and it may even work for a while. Sooner or later, you’re going have to face the hard truth. Ads are worthless once people are conditioned to ignore them.

3. It strengthens your brand. Building links is both an art and a science. Quality triumphs over quantity. Beware of bad links from spammy or questionable sources. They don’t just hurt your rankings. They signal that your site isn’t trustworthy. Link building is all about creating your online reputation. Think of each link as a vote, so search engines know how popular your website is. You want your links to come from reputable and relevant sites. It shows the internet what your brand is associated with. It gives you credibility. When you optimize your site, each link is deliberately chosen.

4. You dominate over the competition. Most people click on the first result they see. It is crucial to be on top, but it is even better to be on every result of page one. Achieving this requires a blend of technical skills and experience. These strategies need to keep up with the changing world of SEO. Creating good content just isn’t good enough anymore. Anyone can string together sentences, but it takes some skill to choose the right keywords for your target market.

5. It’s more effective than traditional marketing. People are conditioned to ignore ads. They either skip it or scroll right past it. Even if they do read it, they’re not likely to buy it. On the other hand, SEO draws in organic results based on their searches. This means you’re attracting people who are already interested in your services. They’re more likely to convert when they find your website on their own.

6. It’s sustainable for long-term goals. How often can you come up with a catchy phrase? What about an interesting gimmick? These tactics may boost sales for a while, but eventually people are going to forget about them. SEO drives your website to the top, so it’s more visible. More people can learn about your products and spread the word.

7. It’s tailored to your business. This isn’t just another type of marketing. Careful research is done for every decision. This means you only get the best possible result for each specific need. After all, optimization isn’t for machines. It’s meant to help people navigate towards you, so you can engage with them. At the end of the day, you want to give the best possible service to your clients. When branding yourself online, SEO gives a holistic approach, so you’ve got everything covered.

5 SEO Myths that Hurt Google Rankings

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5 SEO MythsYou may have heard it said over and over again, but some things refuse to die. If you’re not aware, you may fall prey to some of these errors. While the promises may be tempting, don’t be too quick to take the bait. There are legitimate ways to gain online visibility, but trusting one or more of these myths is definitely not one of them. When it comes to optimization, there are no shortcuts. Getting to page one may be the end goal, but it’s a small part of the journey. Search engine algorithms are erratic. Expect fluctuations in your rankings. Some days are going to be better than others. It’s like climbing up a mountain. It’s going to be bumpy along the way, but the overall trend slopes upwards. The important thing is to maintain a steady pace as you rank higher and higher. If someone claims to do it in 30 days or less, just run away. They may be ranking you for keywords so obscure no real human being actually uses them.

Myth 2: “Choosing a do-it-yourself approach is cheaper than hiring a professional.” First, let’s make this clear. There’s no law that requires you to hire somebody. If you want to take the time to learn, then go ahead and do it. You can pick up some useful tips, and it can help you a lot. Yes, you can if you want to, but it comes with an invisible price tag. Nothing is really “free.” The only difference is you’re spending time instead of money. You lose the opportunity to do other things instead. You must commit yourself to learning to do things right. Besides, you risk making simple mistakes easily spotted by a seasoned professional.

Myth 3: “Optimizing a website is expensive.” If it’s not cheap, then it must burn a hole in the wallet, right? There is a cost, but it’s an investment. Attracting more of your target market fuels your business, so you can make more sales. It is a continuous process.

Myth 4: “There is a cheat sheet for Google.” Spamming with keywords isn’t going to work. It may seem like a quick fix, but black hat tactics are going to do more harm than good. Improving your Google rankings takes a lot of commitment. You don’t want to be banned. It can set you back forever. Be wary of cloaked text, hidden links, doorway pages and redirects. You can get penalized, and your website loses all of its traffic. If you’re found out, you can also lose your reputation for bad practices.

Myth 5: SEO is dead, and it’s no longer needed. Whenever a change occurs, some people love to declare the impending doom of optimization. In reality, it’s the same game with different rules. Here’s a bit of an analogy. Computers are no longer the heavy clunky beasts they once were, but it doesn’t mean computers are extinct. They’ve just been refined to something lighter, faster and sleeker. For as long as people use the search bar, it’s not going away. The outdated methods are simply going to be replaced with better ones.

Real Estate SEO: 5 Facts About Branding for a Fast Profitable Sale

SEO with Authority SolutionsIf you’re a realtor, why should you consider a real estate SEO company? Getting great leads is difficult. Brand names tower over everything. They don’t just crowd advertisements, but they also creep into people’s everyday language. Unless your name is recognized, people aren’t going to seek your services. Instead, they’re going to turn to the first big brand they think of. Within seconds, people click on familiar names like Zillow or Trulia. These sites may not provide the same value a local agent / local company offers, but it’s the only thing they know. Going up against them is like being overshadowed by a skyscraper. What about the internet? Isn’t it a fast and simple solution? Unknown people get discovered all the time, right? Unfortunately, that’s becoming the exception rather than the rule.

These sites may not provide the same value a local agent / local company offers, but it’s the only thing they know. Going up against them is like being overshadowed by a skyscraper. What about the internet? Isn’t it a fast and simple solution? Unknown people get discovered all the time, right? Unfortunately, that’s becoming the exception rather than the rule. Here’s the hard truth. In 2008, Eric Schmidt said, “The internet is fast becoming a cesspool where false information thrives.” According to him, “Brands are the solution, not the problem. Brands are how you sort out the cesspool.”
  1. When brands violate rules, their penalties tend to be more lenient.
  2. Brands are more likely to appear on Google suggest when typing in search.
  3. Brands have greater leverage on AdWords.
  4. Brands are also more likely to rank through organic search.
  5. Consumers tend to rely on emotion rather than logic when making purchase decisions, and this is where branding your company and its products can make a difference.
There’s no replacing the value of a local agent. There’s more to buying and selling houses than meets the eye. Customers soon find that figuring out the estimated prices isn’t enough. There’s a lot of paperwork and negotiations to deal with. You may offer what they need, but how can they reach you? If you’re not showing on the first page of search results, you’re practically invisible. The website you’ve invested so much in isn’t going to attract much traffic. Standing out among millions of websites becomes harder than before. When your livelihood depends solely on referrals, you may find yourself in a pinch. You end up stuck in a cycle. If you’re not established, you can’t get more leads. If you can’t get leads, you can’t establish your name in the industry. What choice do you have? How do you break through the glass ceiling? A web optimization consultant can solve your problems. With the right tools and keywords, they anchor your website to your niche. As time passes, you gain more traffic, so you can influence bigger circles. You have a choice. You can either ignore the situation, or you can take charge with a winning strategy. Doing nothing means you’re handing over your career to the competition. You’re like a sitting duck waiting for the gun to fire. On the other hand, the right strategy lets you reach your aim. Optimization doesn’t just help your rankings today. It lends more than enough leverage to gain momentum. Pushing your rankings higher gives more than visibility. As you become more successful, it helps manage your online reputation, so you’re safe from any attempt of defamation. Being on the top helps you gain trust and convert more clients. You show that you’re the authority in real estate.

Want To Avoid An Online Catastrophe? 5 Things Every Business Owner Must Know to Prevent Big Losses!

Maybe you’ve heard of SEO companies for small businesses, but what are they for? When the budget’s tight, it’s normal to be concerned. Is this really important? Most people rely on online reviews. A website can feature your services, location and contact numbers. Organic search draws in people without paying for advertisements. Now here’s a question. Isn’t it enough to just put yourself out there? You’re confident, and you have great things to offer. That’s all it takes for people to show interest, right? Well it’s not that easy. The majority of people only click the top results of the page. If you’re at the bottom, you’re practically non-existent.

Here’s an analogy. Think of the internet as your local supermarket. The aisles are numbered. There’s a space for dairy products, fresh fruit, meat and other products. Everything is arranged on the shelves, so people easily find what’s on their shopping list. The items on display sell faster than those hidden in the corners. Search engines work the same way. They categorize websites with certain keywords. Your website is labeled, numbered and arranged in order. When people hit search, they find what they’re looking for. The highest ranking site is the best seller. Dominating the first page (google domination) is like filling up the whole store.

1.) A local SEO service provider optimizes your site, so it is easily found by people. This gives a great advantage over your competitors. It’s a way to break through.

2.) Search Engine Optimization is an investment for the future. You’re taking action to attract new clients, boost your sales and build your reputation. The internet has opportunities for you to expand your business. With a single click, people can learn more about you and your services.

3.) Take advantage of local search. People in your area may discover your services online. Targeting a smaller market first allows you to narrow down the competition. It helps you create the initial jump needed to make your business grow. It establishes a strong foundation to build on.

4.) Personalize your website. Not only does this provide original content for search engine spiders, but it makes your content more meaningful to your readers. It creates a lasting impact about your brand.

5.) Provide valuable content with the users in mind. It’s not just about attracting people. It’s about engaging with them. None of this is rocket science. Now you have two choices. You can either do this yourself with limited experience, or you can find someone to do it for you. Despite the initial investment, experts can save you time and money in the long run. They stay on top of, and are always aware of changes in the search algorithms. They build/leverage quality authoritative links for your site. They perform thorough/extensive keyword research. They monitor the progress of your site’s rankings in the search results on a daily basis. If you want to grit through the process, there are a few tips and tricks you can do on your own. Just be careful. Mistakes can get you penalized. Hiring seo experts means you can go about your business, and let them take care of the rest. It means quality results while having more time for focusing on scaling your business.

Professional SEO Company for Mobile Sites

The internet is going mobile. In 2014, nearly 170 million Americans surf through their phones. The leading search engines have a growing focus on mobile rankings. Gone are the days when people are chained to their desktops. People can be online anywhere and anytime. When most people think of a professional SEO company, they only think of websites on computers. They don’t realize the overall impact other devices have. Phones have become the modern day Swiss army knife. Emails, texts, calls and reminders are all in one compact device. As soon as you shoot a photo, you can upload and share it. Everybody is used to the convenience. They can be online all the time. They can be connected with a single touch. Some people fear it may be considered duplicate content.

This is a common misconception. There’s no problem for as long as it is annotated properly. It’s all about correct implementation. As information becomes more dynamic so should its medium be. This isn’t as simple as redesigning the site. A responsive design may not affect rankings directly, but it can improve usability. User experience is only one aspect to consider. You must also keep the integrity of the site. This means taking care of everything beneath the surface. Are the codes mobile friendly? If you have fancy graphics, it may not be supported by the phone. Maybe your videos won’t play. It doesn’t matter how good it looks. It has to function properly. Besides a frustrating user experience, the site may not even be crawlable. Your site doesn’t come across as mobile friendly, and nobody is going to find you through search. You’re going to lose a lot of traffic. Right now more people are adopting HTML5 instead of Flash. While it’s outlived expectations, Flash isn’t supported by several devices, and it tends to be slower.

In fact, Google now converts Flash ads to HTML5 automatically. Of course, it’s only a matter of time before something better shows up. The future is impossible to predict with certainty. The point is it’s important to be up to date. You need to be aware in order to make an informed decision. You can’t afford to be obsolete. You want to make sure links work. Your data must be accessible to both users and search bots. All content must be visible. Above all you must be optimized to rank. Yes it’s possible to learn a thing or two on your own, but you have to be careful. Instead of helping, you can end up hurting your own website. Expert advice can ease you of your worries. They do more than you think. If you can handle it on your own, nobody’s stopping you. There are resources to help you identify important things. Just remember it takes time, and it’s a full-time job. The smallest detail can make all the difference in the world. Delegating these tasks to a website optimization firm means you can relax. You reap the benefits without grinding through the process. The choice is up to you.