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Solving the Puzzle of SEO in Miami

Authority Solutions has been helping Miami area companies dominate Google by effectively building Authority with all the pieces of SEO

Miami Local SEO

Local SEO

It takes time and money for a business owner to create and manage local profiles such as Yelp, Merchant Circle, etc. We create, optimize and manage up to 60 local Miami profiles for our clients. By correctly optimizing and strategically connecting these profiles to our client’s website, we are not only associating our client’s website with other trusted domains, but we are also protecting our client’s brand name with a large amount of positive, informative, branded, online content.

Miami Social SEO

Social SEO

Social media platforms are considered authoritative to Google. We know which platforms will pass the most authority to our client’s website. We create, optimize and strategically link up to 15 social profiles to our client’s site. We also understand the importance of brand awareness and carry our client’s business brand across all social platform artwork.

Miami Video SEO

Video SEO

Most people are unaware that Youtube is the second most used platform for searches and that Youtube is owned by Google. Videos on Youtube are given special rankings in Google search results. As Miami SEO Experts, we know how to effectively optimize videos to aid our efforts in ranking our client’s site in both Youtube and Google.

Miami  On-page Optimization

On-Page Optimization

This is the most commonly referred-to aspect of SEO, but it is the most ever-changing. What techniques worked 6 months ago will not work today, and could even draw a penalty from Google for incorrect or over-optimization. As one of the best Miami SEO companies, we stay on top of every new algorithm update that Google rolls out and we also utilize the latest tools and techniques to give our clients a competitive edge.

Miami  Off-page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization

To stay at the top of Google’s search results, your site must demonstrate that it is current and that there is third party social proof of your value. We know the signals that Google is looking for and provide those additional, ongoing signals to Google that keep our client’s website and online content current. Off-page SEO is what we refer to as the “special sauce” that we bring to SEO that gives us that edge.

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Our Miami Internet marketing specialists utilize the latest tools and techniques to increase your rankings, traffic & ultimately your conversions

Miami Google Domination

Google Domination

How can Google Domination help you? When you do a search and see one company over and over in the results, don’t you tend to click on them? Let us help you Dominate Google’s Search Results for your company. 

Miami SEO Web Design

SEO Web Design

What is the difference between Miami web design and Miami SEO web design? We design or “re-design” websites with effective SEO in mind. We show our clients that you can have a pretty or professional website and still have it designed to rank.

Miami SEO Keyword Research

SEO Keyword Research

What is so important about SEO Keyword Research? You cannot hit a target that you do not aim at. Choosing the right phrases through effective keyword research means you attain a faster ROI for your SEO campaign.  

Miami Online Branding

Online Branding

What is the importance of Online Branding? Making sure you have a uniform look and message is vitally important whether you are focused on online personal branding or online corporate branding. Let us help you get branded. 

Miami Local SEO

Local SEO

Why should I worry about Local SEO in Miami? Google sees sites like Yelp, Merchant Circle, etc… as trustworthy sites. Utilizing Miami Local SEO to have profiles on these platforms that are optimized and connected correctly, aid your campaign.

Miami Content Marketing

Content Marketing

We hear you… “Authority Solutions may be the best SEO Company, but will I get customers?” We don’t just do search engine optimization to do it. We know you need new customers and Conversion Rate Optimization is key to providing them.

Social SEO

Social SEO

How does Social SEO help? Google loves social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. By correctly creating, optimizing and linking many social platforms to your domain, Social SEO, can make a huge positive impact.

Miami Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

Authority Solutions is the SEO Company that utilizes their array of SEO Solutions such as Conversion Rate Optimization to not only help your content rank. 

Miami Video SEO

Video SEO

Authority Solutions, is the Miami Video SEO Company of Miami SEO Experts, to turn to. They utilize their expertise in YouTube Video SEO as one of their SEO Services, so you can gain more visibility online.

Miami Google Maps Marketing

Google Maps Marketing

What is the benefit of Google Maps Marketing? Ever notice the local pack of just a few businesses that are listed with a small map, above even the organic results? Just imagine the benefits to your business being there above the rest. 

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  These are some of the industries that have benefited from Search Engine Optimization

Miami  SEO for Law Firms / Lawyers / Attorneys

SEO for Law Firms / Lawyers / Attorneys

Lawyer SEO or Search Engine Optimization for Law Firms is one of the best ways to grow your legal practice since more and more people look for you from a search on their mobile device. Are you showing up at the top of Google and its Miami area map?

Miami Real Estate

Real Estate

Miami Real Estate Agents have learned that Miami Real Estate SEO is vital to the success of their business. People search for a new home or a realtor to help them sell their home, more than any other way out there. You deserve to show up in Google’s results above the rest, right?

Miami Custom Pool Builders

Custom Pool Builders

As a Custom Pool Builder in Miami, you are focused on creating a luxury poolside retreat for families. We are here to take care of your online presence and make sure you are found at the top of Google’s results. What else could possibly bring you more leads?

Miami Custom Home Builders

Custom Home Builders

As a Custom Home Builder in Miami, you time is devoted to building that dream home for your client. We are here to make sure that your website continues to be a source of new leads for you. As the best custom home builder, you should be at the top of Google, right?

Miami Medical / Dental

Medical / Dental

Medical practitioners spend all of their waking hours helping people get (and stay) healthy. We understand that you need to partner with an inbound marketing expert who understands. You want us to keep them coming in the door of your Miami area practice, right?

Miami Insurance / Financial

Insurance / Financial

Whether you are in either the Insurance or Finance industry, you need to not only be found in Google, but your online presence needs to portray trust and the Integrity you bring. How would your business grow if you were found at the top of Google for the Miami area?

Miami Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas professionals are finding it difficult to stay with the current trend of how people find vendors and partners these days. It is no longer sufficient to just “be known” in the industry. Saavy business-people use the Internet to search for what (and who) they need.

Miami Network Marketing / MLM

Network Marketing / MLM

Direct Sales, Network Marketing and MLM companies all share a need to protect their company’s image for the sake of its representatives’ success. Do you want your image hurting your reps or do you want your online reputation to help the efforts of the field?

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Miami SEO Company

Miami SEO Company

When Authority Solutions first launched, the co-founders made a decision that they needed to prove that they were worthy of the trust that other firms would place in them. The primary thing planned was to make sure that Authority Solutions could certainly outrank the other Web Design, Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization firms in their home city. The co-founders of this agency believed if they were going to proclaim that they were the best Miami SEO firm, that they first had to outrank their competitors in their home city. Authority Solutions did just that and has proceeded expanding all over the United States with customers being taken care of in many cities, Miami just being one. This Search Engine Optimization company is one that believes each client relationship special and makes use of only the best talent to make certain that you can relax, knowing that you are working with the best Miami SEO agency to choose from.

Miami SEO Experts

Miami SEO Experts 

Have you ever before wondered how to find an expert at SEO? Search online. Bear in mind that you may stumble upon a Miami SEO Specialist out there that will say to you that as a one-man shop, they will be able to handle your company. What takes place when that one person gets ill or makes a decision to go on a getaway? Exactly. With Authority Solutions, you have a team of Miami SEO Specialists working on your Search Engine Optimization campaign. It doesn’t make a difference where you are at in the process … wanting some branding help, website design, reputation management or outright SEO to make your web site rank at the top of Google’s results, you will have an expert working for you. Anyone can call themselves a guru, but you only want to team up with Miami SEO Professionals that have demonstrated themselves as such. Look no further than the powerful team that you will have working for you, at Authority Solutions.What if we could have made you #1 but you didn’t give us a try?

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